If you manage an office, you may be considering letting your employees bring pets, like dogs and cats, into work. AAHA.org highlights a couple of studies that show the benefits of a pet-friendly office environment. Employee morale increases while stress levels decrease. These offices tend to foster better working environments between employees and their bosses, and these types of offices tend to have better employee retention. However, before you let employees bring their pets in, you need to establish some rules and cleaning practices. Here are some tips to help keep your office clean.

Hire a Commercial Cleaner That's Familiar with Your Needs

While every employee should be responsible for his or her pet, you shouldn't be laying new cleaning duties on your employees. You should look at hiring a cleaner that has experience disinfecting commercial spaces with animals; for instance, a commercial cleaner that works with veterinary clinics may be a good choice as these cleaners will be familiar with cleaning litter boxes or cleaning yards of waste.

While minimal vacuuming may work in other offices, deeper carpet cleanings are necessary for pet-friendly offices, so a commercial cleaner is helpful since they will have heavy-duty equipment to remove dander, odors, and shed hair embedded in carpets. Pet-friendly offices also need to have good HVAC systems and clean filters to catch dander, so a commercial cleaner that's experienced with cleaning air filters and/or ducts could be beneficial. 

Create a Policy that Only Allows Trained Pets in the Office

Bathroom accidents are a big concern for pet-friendly offices. You don't want an unsanitary environment for your employees or your customers, so it's important to only allow pets to the office that have been potty-trained. However, accidents do sometimes happen, so working with a commercial cleaner is helpful since these services can provide over-the-counter products for spot cleaning. Again, each owner should be responsible for his or her own pet, and if there is a mess, he or she should have easy access to products so that they can clean and sanitize the area quickly. 

Establish Pet-Free Zones

Pet-friendly offices typically work better when there are designated areas for the pets. For example, you don't want dogs or cats in the breakroom since this can be unsanitary for people trying to eat their lunch. You may want to use baby gates so that pets can stay within their owners' cubicles and not roam around bothering customers. Once you establish pet zones and pet-free zones, you can show the commercial cleaning crew where these areas are so that they know where to focus their cleaning efforts.

Reach out to a commercial cleaning company today for more details.