After buying a foreclosed property and receiving the keys, you may be ready to begin the process of moving in. However, while a turnkey or fixer-upper home might be safe and comfortable to live in right away, you may find that a foreclosure needs work beforehand.

A strategic move is to hire professionals to perform deep cleaning. This service will provide you with numerous benefits that help with working on the home and moving in.


As soon as you get the keys to a foreclosed home, you may notice that it is rather dirty inside. A standard house cleaning may not be enough to make the house look livable. The home may have been dirty when the previous owners left, and dirt and debris built up over time.

House cleaners can remove debris from the inside to make the place easier and safer to walk around. Getting rid of all the debris can prove tricky. This is especially true when it is caked on and in hard-to-reach places that require special knowledge and tools to remove completely.


A major benefit of working with professional cleaners is the ability to assess features afterward. For instance, you may know that a foreclosed home will likely come with dirty or damaged features that must be repaired or replaced before they are functional and usable. A deep cleaning will allow you to do a thorough assessment to determine the condition of features.

Sometimes all it takes is persistent cleaning efforts to reveal that a feature is actually in working condition and only looked damaged because it was so dirty. Another likely scenario is finding features you can start planning to replace as soon as you see them after being cleaned.


While you may like to move into a foreclosed home right away, you can use house cleaning to improve livability and assess how much more work needs to be done. Cleaning is important because you do not want to bring furniture, clothing, decorations, and other items into a dirty home. The dirt, dust, and grime can then transfer onto the items you bring inside.

Part of making the house more livable is improving air quality. A deep cleaning that covers the entire home will remove dust and pollen that could cause allergy symptoms.

When you are ready to move into a recently purchased foreclosed home, you may want to start with deep house cleaning services as part of the preparation.