Maintaining a clean and healthy environment for a child care center was hard enough before the pandemic. Today, it is near impossible to keep up with all of the recommendations and studies being released, it's hard to know what's best. A few ideas to help you stay ahead of the viruses coming through your center are listed below.

Safe and Effective Cleaning Products

It is amazing that there are some products that are strong enough to kill bacteria and viruses within seconds, but still safe enough to use on the fruits and vegetables you were to eat. RTU cleaning solutions can help to reduce the number of products you have around the center, as well as provide a safe alternative to clean all of the surfaces in your center's kitchens, workstations, bathrooms — one bottle cleans it all. Getting a large pack of RTU cleaner, like a 32 oz RTU cleaner spray 6 pack, could be a great solution.

Cleaning Spurts

You don't want to spend the entire day cleaning everything that the kids touch — you'll be exhausted by lunch. Instead, use a cleaning product with long-lasting sanitizing effects. Then, schedule a cleaning spurt once an hour or two. Enlist the help of able-bodied staff and students to wipe down surfaces, doorknobs, chairs — all of the surfaces that are used by everyone. When everyone does their part, this process takes only minutes and ensures everything is ready to go.

You can apply this process at the end of the day as well to give the center one final cleaning before closing up for the night without all of the responsibility being on your shoulders.

Mask Breaks and Replacement

Mask mandates are all over the place from state to state and county to county. If your center requires the wearing of masks, allow for mask breaks in open areas often. Also, provide replacement masks at least once each day. If you notice a little one is touching their mask a lot, replace it. Any germs on their hands are getting transferred to the mask and potentially into the airway.

OJ for Snack Time

Vitamin C goes a long way in helping immune systems. Skip the milk and apple juice. Offer the kids snacks and drinks high in Vitamin C. The more, the better.

These are trying times for everyone, but even more stressful for child care centers. Just do your best, but remember, you have to have some fun, too. Incorporate the necessary tasks into the day in a creative way. It can be good for everyone.