If you already work in the cleaning services industry, you've seen your fair share of filthy situations that required prompt and professional care. Owning and operating your own cleaning service can be a rewarding career, and finding a niche in the cleaning industry can help you boost your career potential even more.

Consider doing crime scene cleaning for a living, which can be a unique and lucrative career beyond making decent money — the worse the job, the more money you can make. Here are signs crime scene cleaning can be a great career move for you.

You Aren’t Squeamish

If you think of blood and gore when it comes to crime scenes, then you can imagine what crime scene cleaning might entail. You'd be the specialist called in to clean up a crime scene after injury or death, a drug raid, a sexual assault, or any number of crimes that require professional cleanup after. If you aren't naturally very squeamish, this can be a great career move for you.

You Are Entrepreneurial

Where there's a niche, you need to fill it. If you are self motivated and can get out there and promote your unique business, there's no limit to how much money you can make. Some people who clean crime scenes and other messy cleaning jobs — like doing hazard cleaning or cleaning up after animals — charge per job and the messier the job, the more money there is to be had.

In order to be great at a unique business such as crime scene cleaning, you need to be communicative, people-oriented, and good with basic business skills. The more you gain popularity as a crime scene cleaning expert, the more in-demand you can become, which can lead to more jobs in the future.

You Are Willing to Learn

Being a crime scene cleaning specialist requires certain skills and training. For example, you'll need to learn how to work with blood and other body fluids or chemicals so you don't get injured or become at risk of being contaminated during a cleanup. You'll also need to learn which cleaning agents work well with which cleanup need to provide the best results. It will take time and certain skill, but you'll be a better crime scene cleanup expert from it.

You can find out if a crime scene cleaning career is right for you by shadowing someone who does this type of work. Once you get used to the different cleanup needs crime scenes have, you can become a more affluent and successful crime scene cleaning service.

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