Carpet cleaning isn't reserved for just brand new or fancy carpets. All carpets should be cleaned regularly by a carpeting cleaning service to ensure the carpets not only look good but smell good and are free of allergens and bacteria.

Whether your carpets are so old they don't make the brand or style anymore or you just have older carpeting you don't think needs special attention, carpet cleaning is a necessity. Your whole house's carpets — and rugs, too — should be cleaned professionally at least once a year, or more often if you have little kids and pets.

Just because carpets are older doesn't mean they don't need cleaning because cleaning isn't just about making carpets look nice; it's about so much more. Here are reasons why you should clean older carpets.

There's lots of dirt in your carpets

There's lots of dirt in your carpets, up to several pounds of it. Regular vacuuming doesn't likely pull up all the dirt that is lingering in your carpeting, and your older carpets are full of that filth.

The layers of dirt not only weigh your carpets down and make them dingy, but they also affect the air quality in the home. Think of this as well: if there's that much dirt in your carpeting that hasn't been professionally cleaned, think about how much food, dander, hair, pollen, and bacteria are lingering in these carpets. A professional carpet cleaning will remove the dirt and grime that your carpets are holding onto, thus revealing cleaner, fresher, and more sanitary flooring.

There's still life left in your carpets

If you have a cleaning done on your carpets, you help them last longer. Removing all the dirt and dander helps to reshape the carpet fibers and restore them to their original lustrous beauty. Likewise, your carpets also will feel lighter and more comfortable to walk on as well. As a bonus, the stains and dirt they currently carry will be lifted out when you have carpet cleaning done. That way, even if they are old, your carpets will have more of an even and brighter color that you can enjoy until you have them replaced.

If you continue to have your older carpets professionally cleaned, you can enjoy them for more years, making the investment well worth it. When you decide to get new carpets, continue the routine of having professional carpet cleaning done so you can ensure your new carpets last a long time. To learn more, contact a carpet cleaning service