One of the busiest periods for many landlords is the time between when a tenant leaves and a new renter moves in. There's plenty to do to make the space ready to put back on the market, and it's tempting to try to save as much money as possible. Many states prevent you from charging a tenant for carpet cleaning, so is this a cost you should take onto yourself?

In most cases, the answer is "yes." Steam cleaning your rental unit's carpets offers numerous benefits that make it a worthwhile task even if your tenant isn't covering the cost. Keep reading to discover just three reasons why carpet steam cleaning is an essential part of creating a clean and comfortable environment for your new tenant.

1. Long-Term Mold Prevention

Mold is the bane of homeowners and landlords alike. Dealing with a severe mold problem in a structure is a costly and time-consuming process, and most states place the burden of dealing with this issue squarely on the building owner. Carpets can trap mold and provide a fertile surface for colonies to grow, ultimately allowing it to spread to other areas with sufficient moisture.

Steam cleaning kills mold and removes the spores from the carpet. Since you can't be sure if the previous tenant allowed moisture to build up in the carpeting, steam cleaning is an excellent way to protect against future problems. The cost of a simple steam carpet cleaning is far less than dealing with mold remediation later.

2. Carpet Restoration

Dirt in carpets is more than just unsightly and unsanitary. As carpets become more soiled, the dirt and debris embedded in them can physically wear the fibers down. Leaving carpets dirty for too long can cause them to become permanently unattractive and may even reduce their lifespan. A thorough steam cleaning helps to restore the carpets in your rental unit to like-new condition.

In addition to extending the life of your carpets, a good cleaning also keeps your unit looking more attractive on listing sites, potentially allowing you to attract new tenants much more quickly.

3. Improved Health

Most states require landlords to maintain a clean and healthy environment for tenants. In addition to mold, carpets can harbor dust and other contaminants, reducing air quality over time. Steam cleaning refreshes the carpet and removes any existing debris, dust, or other pollutants that may have accumulated from your previous tenants.

By taking this step before another renter moves in, you're ensuring a much cleaner environment while reducing the likelihood of complaints from your future tenant.  

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