If you are the mom or dad of a fur baby, professional carpet cleaning is a must. Have you neglected this service around your home? Learn why this step is so important and the problems that a lack of cleaning could potentially be creating.

A Smell You Cannot Get Rid Of

If you do not have your carpets cleaned regularly, you will have a smell in your home that is impossible to get rid of. Pets are just as unpredictable as toddlers. If the area of carpet in front of the television suddenly seems ideal, they will handle their business there. The particles from the waste normally settle within the carpet fibers, and with a professional cleaning they can be extracted. 

The problem is that when the carpet is not cleaned and these types of mistakes continue to happen, the waste particles start to travel into the underlay of the floor and the floorboards. Once it reaches this point, the odor is cemented into the floor, and no matter what you do, the smell will not go away. 

Home Cleaners Are Not the Solution

If you use a home cleaner to clean the carpet, you do get kudos for your effort. However, the bad news is that your efforts are doing more harm than good. The problem is that a large majority of home carpet cleaning machines use steam as the cleaning catalyst. Steam is great in some instances, but with carpet, it has a reverse effect. 

Heat causes a bonding process to occur, which engrains the stain, and any odor that accompanies it, into the carpet. As a result, the carpet might look refreshed on the surface, but the stain is still there. 

Reduced Carpet Lifespan

Your home and everything inside of it is an investment, so naturally, you want to make sure you get your money's worth. When you do not make carpet cleaning a priority, you go against this goal. Pet urine can be highly acidic. Given its makeup, when it rests on the carpet it forces an oxidizing process to begin, which causes a discoloring effect to occur. The longer you go without professional cleaning, the more dramatic the discoloration. Depending on the quality of the carpet, this process can also cause the fibers to degrade, which will make the carpet look less full. 

Remember, you can get a more efficient and long-lasting clean with a professional cleaning company. Contact a carpet cleaning service in your area to learn more about your options.