When you designed your large luxury home, maybe you didn't consider how much work it would be to keep it clean. Perhaps your spouse has already been suggesting that you contact a domestic staffing agency. Has your pride stood in the way of you making that call? After all, in the past maybe you have always done every bit of cleaning for your entire family.

Have you now realized that you are exhausted from all the work you are doing? Maybe you have finally given in. It's time to call domestic staffing services.

Have A Plan Before You Make The Call

When you call the domestic staffing agency, you will probably be asked many questions. Be ready to answer them, and have your own questions ready to ask the agent with whom you speak.

  • You will more than likely be asked how many days a week you want the cleaner to come to your house. For instance, do you want the cleaner to come every day, once a week, twice a week, or every other week?
  • You'll be asked what the main responsibilities will be for the domestic worker.
  • The financial aspect of domestic staffing will also be discussed initially.

Think of the questions you might want to ask the domestic staffing agent. Write the questions down so you won't forget to ask them. 

  • Will the domestic worker be willing to help with cooking?
  • Will they be prepared to do laundry, fold clothes, or iron? 
  • Will the worker be happy to do grocery shopping and run other errands? 
  • If you have children, will the domestic worker be willing to help you care for them? 

Make Preparations Before The Domestic Worker Arrives

You've probably heard jokes about people who clean their house before the maid comes. While you probably won't go that far, there are things you can do to make the work go more smoothly for the domestic worker.

  • Be sure that things like toys and other personal items are put away.
  • If you want laundry done, consider having it sorted and ready for the washing machine.
  • If the domestic worker will be running errands for you, have lists completed and addresses of where they will be going.
  • Have special cleaning supplies set out so they will be ready for use. 

As time goes by, you might develop the kind of relationship that will allow you to use your trusted domestic worker in more ways. For instance, if you and your spouse are going out of town, maybe the worker will be happy to stay with your children.

For more information about domestic staffing services, contact an agency like Top Notch NYC.