Many businesses of all types use janitorial services because they see the obvious benefits they offer, which include keeping the business space looking clean without taking time from the employees' regular tasks to have them clean. However, there are some types of businesses who really should use a commercial janitorial service for even more reasons, and here are some of those types of businesses:

Health clinics

While it is important for the staff in a health clinic to make sure certain things are cleaned on a regular basis, such as replacing the bed protectors after each patient, there are other things that need to be cleaned each day for sanitary purposes that are likely not to be done during work hours. A janitorial service should come in at night to do a compete mopping job and to clean everything else from the seating in the waiting room to the bathrooms. This will help to reduce the risks of germs being spread.

Car repair shops

Many people may think that a car repair shop wouldn't need professional cleaning regularly because things are just going to get greasy and dirty again the next day, but this is exactly why it's so important to have everything cleaned well regularly. When people come in to drop off or pick up their car, they want a clean seat to sit on, and they don't want to be overwhelmed with the smell of grease and grime. A janitorial service can come in nightly and clean things up, creating a comfortable area for customers.


Stores have a lot of people coming in and out of them every day. These people move items from one location to the other and mess with things in a lot of other ways. This means that, throughout the day, the employees are busy making sure everything is put back where it goes to keep the store looking as good as possible. However, keeping that store looking great takes more than having things lined up properly on the shelves. The floors need to remain clean, the windows need to be clean and free of smudges from the kids that touch them each day, the trash needs to be empty, and counters and other surfaces need to be clean, as well as the restrooms. A janitorial service will make sure the store is clean and ready for the next day when they come out to tend to the store each night.