Having a house cleaning service come and help you keep up with the home can be lifesaving. One problem that many people struggle with is how to keep up with the cleaning between the professional cleanings. Here, you'll find a few tips that'll help you keep up with the everyday cleaning around the home between professional cleanings.

Change the Furnace Filter                                

One thing that will help reduce the amount of dust in your home is maintaining a clean furnace filter. Make sure that you're changing the filter once each month – including during the summer months if you have a central air conditioning unit tied into the furnace. This will decrease the amount of debris that is blown into the air each time the system kicks on.

Note: Have your ductwork cleaned at least once each year – two times if you have indoor pets. No matter how clean the filter is, the dirt that's resting in the ductwork will become airborne when the system turns on.

Use Belongings Baskets

Go to your local discount store and pick up a basket for each person living in your home. Put names on each basket and place them in a high-traffic area in the home – the stairs can work in many homes. As you pick things up that belong to others, you can toss it in the basket. Then, at the end of the day, everyone takes their baskets and puts their stuff away.

Tip: If you're struggling to get others to put their things away, make a rule that anything left in the basket overnight will be confiscated until it's earned back. This can be motivational for kids who are reluctant to help out around the house.

Downsize Your Stuff Collection

If you have too much stuff, you're always going to feel as if the house isn't clean. Try downsizing the collection of stuff that you have around the house. Have a yard sale, donate items to those in need, toss it in the trash, or put it in boxes to store in the attic for a while to see if you are ready to get rid of it – do whatever is necessary to reduce the amount of clutter around the house.

Talk with your professional cleaners to learn more about what you can do between cleanings to help keep things looking good until the next time they come to do their part.