Pressure solves a lot of life's very sticky, very messy problems. If you have never needed to clean something quickly and remove something nasty, then you are most fortunate. However, as the following four situations will show, you may need pressure cleaning services sometime in your life. 

Raw Egg

Vandals and teenagers both think it is funny to splat objects with raw eggs. What they do not understand is that raw egg white is extremely sticky, and it hardens into a substance that is nearly impossible to remove. If you become a victim of an "egging incident," only a pressure washer is going to get it all off. Hot water, as in the kind you find at a car wash, only partially cooks the egg and makes it even more difficult to remove. Not many detergents can remove egg either, leaving the pressure washer your only real choice. 

Feces and Raw Sewage

Another prank kids pull is the exploding, flaming dog feces in a bag on your doorstep. Nothing gets that smell or material off without a little pressure. On top of that, if you ever experience feces and/or raw sewage backing up into your home, you can only safely clean all of that by pressure washing it back down the drain when the drains have been cleared by a plumber. Some plumbing companies will bring their own pressure cleaning machines to do the job for you, while other plumbing companies leave the mess for you to clean. 

Spray Paint

Yet another choice of material for vandals is spray paint. Pressure washers can remove the paint from siding and from cars, but you may need extra help if you own a brick house or brick wall that was vandalized. Hire a professional cleaning service like Clean America that uses pressure washers because they will have cleaners to add to the washers that will make the paint removal a lot easier. (As for spray paint on brick, you will actually need sandblasters, another type of pressure cleaning that uses sand instead of water.)


Whether the mud was chucked at your home or car, or you intentionally drove through thick mud because you like "mudding" as a pastime, you are going to need some heavy-duty power to remove the mud. Leaving it to wash off naturally with rain means that it will take a very long time to come off. A pressure washer can take the mud off in minutes.