Air duct cleaning services remove all the dust, dirt, dead insect carcasses, and allergens (e.g., dead skin cells, animal fur) from the air ducts in your home. If you have never had this done, you do not know what you are missing. This year, when you have your HVAC contractor come and check the furnace and provide annual maintenance services for the furnace, have your air ducts cleaned at the same time. Here are just some of the benefits of having your air ducts cleaned at the same time that your furnace is being serviced for the season.

Most HVAC Technicians Provide Both Services

There are many HVAC technicians and companies that offer free or discounted air duct cleaning when you have your furnace maintained (or vice versa). Even if you do not find a coupon or advertised special for these services, it still benefits you to hire a technician/company that can provide both. Then the technician can clean out the air ducts prior to providing maintenance to your furnace. When the furnace is turned on to check for proper functionality, then the hot air it blows into the home does not contain anything that was previously clogging up the air ducts!

​Fewer Winter Illnesses

People get sick in winter because A) they are indoors more often, and B) dirty air ducts are pumping a lot of stuff into the air that is making everyone in the house congested, sneezy, itchy, and/or sick. When your air ducts are cleaned right before the first snowfall, the air you breathe all winter is cleaner and healthier. When the air is cleaner and healthier, so are you.

Your Furnace Is More Efficient

​Imagine that you have bronchitis. You are straining against the infection in your lungs to breathe, and you cannot really breathe well, so you strain harder to breathe, which wears you out and costs you more energy. That is what is happening when the furnace is trying to pump hot air into your home to warm it. A lot of that hot air is getting trapped behind the cobwebs, dust, etc., that is trapped inside your air ducts. When all of that mess is removed, the furnace is able to do a better job of warming your home. When the furnace can do a better job of warming your home, the furnace is operating on a more efficient level and using less energy.

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