Although you may feel confident about cleaning most of your home, especially on a weekly basis, you may know that professional cleaning can provide you with better results. While you can put time and effort into cleaning the windows and making them look nice for most of the year, you will benefit from a window cleaning service to get rid of the tough spots that you cannot remove.

But before you invest in this service, you should consider handling a few tasks that will lead to a better experience when you have professionals come over to clean the windows.

Treatment Cleaning

If you do not have window treatments for some of the windows around your house, you will get to save a bit of time by not cleaning anything before professionals work on these windows. But you will benefit from running curtains through the washing machine or cleaning them by hand if the cleaning instructions request that you avoid putting the curtains into a washer.

For blinds and shades, you should be able to remove them and give them a thorough cleaning. It may be an option to take them outside or into the shower for a thorough rinsing. Then, you can dry the treatments by hand or let them dry outside or in a warm area inside your home.


When you intend on getting exterior window cleaning, you should take care of the surrounding landscape before professionals come over. For instance, trimming back bushes is an excellent idea because you do not want twigs and leaves pressing against the windows. Even if the cleaners are willing to trim them back, you can trim the twigs short enough to avoid issues for a long time.


If you wait to dust your home until after the windows are cleaned, you could end up spreading the dust on the freshly cleaned windows. This makes it a smart idea to go through your entire house and perform a thorough dusting to make sure that no dust buildup is present. While the windows will eventually get dusty, you can keep it from happening at a speedy pace.

The most important areas to dust are around the windows because dust can fly off one surface and land on a nearby window. Also, you should dust the upper walls, ceilings, ceiling fans, and light fixtures as this dust buildup is more likely to float to the windows in your home.

Taking care of these tasks before hiring window cleaners will lead to the best results.