The introduction of the vacuum cleaner made keeping floors clean easier than ever before. While most households own at least one vacuum, businesses and commercial spaces tend to have a lot more foot traffic, so a much stronger commercial vacuum is needed to keep floors clean. Whether you own a commercial cleaning company or plan to buy a commercial vacuum to use in your place of business, it is important to buy the right one. Use the following tips to select the best commercial vacuum for your needs:

Look for a Model from an Established Manufacturer

Commercial vacuum cleaners typically cost substantially more than lightweight vacuums used in residential settings. While the cost of a commercial vacuum is often an important consideration, it is in your best interest to buy a model that is made by an established and well-known manufacturer. Companies that have been manufacturing commercial vacuums for many years often offer the best products that will also last for a long time. The extra investment will result in a commercial vacuum that can be used for many years to come without issues.

Think About How It Will Be Used

It is always a good idea to think about what types of areas you will be vacuuming prior to purchasing a commercial vacuum. If you primarily plan to use the vacuum in hallways or high traffic areas, an upright vacuum is a good choice. Backpack style commercial vacuums are great if the vacuum will be used to clean the floors in cubicles or small places that are difficult to reach. Consider a wide area commercial vacuum for very large spaces, such as conference rooms and banquet halls.

Consider the Warranty

Since a quality commercial vacuum can be a large financial investment, a good warranty is essential. Take the time to read the warranty for a commercial vacuum and make sure that you understand the terms. Some warranties may say that you have to use specific parts or have the vacuumed serviced at specific times, so make sure you know what you're getting into.

Availability of Parts and Services

Another important thing to consider before buying a commercial vacuum is the availability of parts and companies that can service the vacuum. If you stick with a vacuum made by an established and well-known manufacturer, you are more likely to find that parts are easier to find, as well as technicians who can properly service or repair your vacuum. 

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