Anyone who browses online reviews for local gyms will commonly see that users rate the gym's cleanliness. Even though there are several important factors that can contribute to a well-attended gym, just how clean everything is also plays a role. If you're a new gym owner who is looking for his or her clients to be happy, you should ensure that your establishment is one of the cleanest around. While empowering members to clean up after themselves is a start, you should also hire a janitor service that can demonstrate experience with this type of work. Here are some specific cleaning needs that you'll need your professional cleaners to address.

Change Rooms

Few cleanliness issues can sour your members quicker than dirty change rooms. Ensure that your janitor service can demonstrate a conscientious approach to cleaning the shower stalls, toilet areas, and sinks. Gym members want to feel comfortable stepping into the shower after a workout, as well as performing whatever hygiene tasks are necessary in front of the mirror before they go back to work, go home, or travel elsewhere, and a spotless change room courtesy of your janitor service will go a long way toward providing this comfort.

Gym Machines

Most gyms have rules that encourage members to wipe down their machines after use. Ideally, most of your members will heed this rule, but it may not be enough to keep the machines looking their best. You should also ensure that the janitor service you hire can give a thorough cleaning to your gym's machines whenever it's necessary. This could include a nightly wipe down and treatment with disinfectant spray, as well as less-frequent top-to-bottom cleanings to keep these machines looking their best.

Mirrors & Floors

Two areas that can look grimy in a well-used gym are the mirrors and the floors. The mirrors can often have smudges from wet fingers, and even speckles of sweat from people working out in front of the mirrors. The floor of your gym can have similar issues—namely, droplets of sweat that have dried and left a mark. While vacuuming can clean the floor to a point, you want a janitor service that will commit to thoroughly mopping the gym floor to make it look clean for your members, as well as wiping down the mirrors to make them shine. Consult a commercial cleaning service to determine if it can meet these needs.