Maintaining a clean office is essential if you want to maximize office productivity. But, this does not mean that you should hire professionals to do a deep cleaning every day after your employees go home. Basic upkeep is different than a deep clean, but it is important to know when you should get this kind of cleaning. If you know that you will be having important visitors that roam through your office, you will want to schedule a one-time office cleaning service before their arrival to have the greatest experience.

Showcase the Best Work Environment

Whether you are working on a potential partnership, trying to impress a highly desirable worker, or getting an audit of your operations, you want to show off the best work environment possible. It is important to cover all aspects of the office because your visitors may want to look around. If you have a kitchen, you will want to tell your employees to organize and clean out the refrigerator, which will make it easier for office cleaners to give it a thorough cleaning. You should also make sure the bathroom is clean and fully stocked, so it is helpful to buy toiletries around the time that you get the office cleaned.

Meet with Cleaners Beforehand

While you may be willing to hire office cleaners without meeting beforehand, you should make it a priority to do a preliminary walkthrough beforehand. You may have a unique office space and want to cover certain aspects or make sure the cleaners know exactly what you want cleaned. If you have had trouble removing stains on the floor or marks on the walls, you can bring these up to see if they may have an idea of how to tackle the problem or to at least let them know that you would like them removed if possible.

Pick an Ideal Time Frame

The time in which you get office cleaning is important because you want the immediate results to be what the important visitors see when they walk into the office space. The easiest option is to get cleaning the night before, but if they are coming on a Monday, you can also have it done any time between Friday evening and Monday morning to provide them with a clean and attractive office.

While you may need to spend extra to get deep cleaning over regular service, it is a worthwhile expense for maximizing your chances of making an outstanding impression on your visitors.