If you are like a lot of landlords who own more than a few properties, you will entrust a lot of the dirty work to a residential property management company–whether it is handling the rent payments or taking maintenance calls–and it is definitely convenient to have the option to do so. However, many residential property management services also offer professional cleaning to their clients, which can be an incredible advantage, especially during certain situations. Take a look at some of the situations when hiring your residential property management company to clean up a rental unit is a logical decision. 

A tenant left the property unexpectedly. 

When a tenant breaks their lease or abandons the property, you can be left having to get the place cleaned out and ready to go as soon as possible so you don't miss out on the next month's income from that specific unit. Unfortunately, cleaning out an abandoned unit can take a ton of time because you may be faced with hauling off furniture, personal belongings, and even trash and food items. Having a property management company handle this situation for you frees up your time so you can focus on getting the unit filled with a new tenant before the new month rolls around. 

A tenant left a unit with a major pest issue. 

From cockroaches to bedbugs, dealing with pests is one of those issues that you will probably have to face for as long as you own rental properties. Unfortunately, when you don't have a lot of experience with pests and pest control, cleaning up a pest-infested apartment or home can mean you will make a lot of mistakes that contribute to the problem at hand. If you have a property management company come in and clean up a pest-infested unit, you can rest assured they are professionally trained to avoid spreading pest problems to other units. 

A tenant had a contagious illness. 

Even though this situation is rare, it does happen. If a tenant contracts a contagious illness and they live in one of your units, it could potentially put other tenants in the area at risk or even subsequent tenants that come along after. You may not have the tools, skills, or knowledge to handle these kinds of clean-up jobs, but a professional cleaning crew likely will. They will follow safe cleaning practices and protocol to ensure the unit is properly sanitized and safe for the next tenant.