If you had a bad winter this year, you likely will need to do some things outside to get your yard ready for spring. One thing that may need to be done is to clean and seal your driveway. A concrete driveway can go through a lot over the winter and this is especially true if you used salt to melt ice. If your concrete driveway looks dirty, you can use a pressure washer to get it clean and this is something you can do on your own. Below is some more information about this so you can get started.

Inspect and Sweep Driveway

Before you get started, inspect your driveway for any cracks. If you see any, you need to repair them before you start pressure washing.  You can purchase concrete crack filler at a home improvement store to do this.  If you have large cracks, you should contact a contractor to repair them for you.

When all the cracks are repaired, you need to sweep the driveway to remove any debris. A leaf blower will make this job much easier. If there is built up stains on the driveway, use a stiff brush along with some soap to remove them.

Soap Down the Driveway

Purchase some pressure washer detergent and mix according to packaging. Put the detergent into the pressure washer's reservoir. Put a wand on the tip of the pressure washer that is labeled "soap." Start at the beginning of the driveway and spray the concrete. Keep going until you have soaped the entire driveway. Let the soap sit for about five to 10 minutes. You can also hire a professional, such as A Blast to the Past.

Spray the Soap Off

Remove the soap wand and empty the reservoir. Fill the reservoir up with clean water. Put the regular spray wand tip on the pressure washer, and spray off the detergent. Make sure you have removed all the soap when you are finished. You may have to go over it a second time to get all the soap off.

Seal the Driveway

Once your driveway is clean, put a waterproof sealant on it to protect it from damage. You can purchase this sealant at a home improvement store. Make sure it is labeled to be used on concrete. Follow the directions on the sealant on how to use it. When you are finished, let the driveway dry for at least 24 hours before you drive or walk on it.

Your driveway should now look good as new. You can also use the pressure washer for other things, such as cleaning vinyl siding.