Spring is a great time to take care of your carpet. Here are five ways to take care of your carpet this spring.

#1 Keep Up With The Regular Vacuuming

You should always try to keep up with regular vacuuming. You should vacuum all heavy traffic areas every couple of days and light traffic areas at least once a week to keep the dirt that gets on the carpet from getting worn into the fibers.

If you have rugs down on your floor, every few weeks, be sure to lift them up, move them, and vacuum under them. Dust and dirt can make their way through your throw rugs and onto the ground. Removing the rugs and vacuuming under them will prevent that dirt from rubbing into the carpet or flooring underneath the rugs.

#2 Get Rid Of Old Stains By Lifting Them From Your Carpet

If you have old stains on your carpet, you can still get rid of them. Create a cleaning solutions that is one-part water and one-part white vinegar and spray the solution on the old stain. Then, put a slightly damp towel on top of the stain and iron the towel. This will create a bunch of steam and will help lift the stain from your carpet. It is like creating a mini-steam machine to deal with set stains that you didn't notice when they were created.

#3 Deodorize Your Carpet

Over time, with all the dirt and wear and tear, your carpet may not smell that great. Carpet can really hold onto smells from spills, smoke, and pets. You can make your carpet smell great again by creating your own carpet deodorant. To make your own carpet deodorant, just mix together a container of baking soda with some drops of your favorite essential oil. Then, sprinkle the mixture on your carpet and let it sit for a while. After it has had some time to sit and do its work, vacuum up the baking soda and enjoy fresh smelling carpets.

#4 Stop Dirt Before It Enters Your Home

Finally, you can help keep your carpets cleaner by stopping dirt before it enters your home. Put a welcome mat outside of your door that is designed to help clean off people's shoes before they enter your home. Have a shoe rack at the entrance to your home and have a dedicated area where people have to take off their shoes before they enter the rest of the home. Clean this area every day; this will help keep dirt out of your home by centering it in the entrance of your home. 

For more tips, contact a carpet cleaning company.