If you have an apartment that you rent out on a short term basis (to vacationers, on something such as AirBnB or a similar website) then it's important to know all about the cleaning process. You need your apartment to be clean for new guests when they arrive, and you also need to deal with the clean up when the guests leave. If it's a one-time thing, then you might handle this yourself. But if you are doing this frequently, then it is best to hire out to a professional house cleaning service. Not only are they better skilled at cleaning your home, they can do it on a schedule. So, if this apartment is a second home, and you don't the time to continuously run over there and do the cleanup, then it's a good idea to hire the cleaners. Here are the tasks you will need them to do.


People are going to be using your kitchen to cook or eat meals (if they bring in takeout), and it's very likely they won't be as contentious as you like about cleaning the place. So, not only will the floors, tables, and stove need to be cleaned, but the refrigerator will need to be checked (in case they left food inside). The bathrooms should be completely cleaned: showers, toilets, and sinks. Also, new toilet paper should always be set up (you can stock this in a cabinet and have the cleaning crew set it up).

Vacuuming Carpets and Sofas

Again, people might be a bit more cavalier in someone else's home. That means there might be crumbs on the carpet or couch from people eating. Or perhaps they brought along a dog, even if you asked them not to, and there is a bit of dog hair on the sofa. So, all of these things need to be vacuumed. You don't want new guests to come in and see a messy space with crumbs on the floor and dog hair on the couch.

Fresh Sheets and Towels

Finally, you are going to want a house cleaning service that is able to handle laundry service. The pillowcases, sheets, and comforters, all need to be cleaned, as do the towels and bathmats in the bathroom. You don't want to leave a room looking like it was just slept in. Guests should expect the same cleanliness that they get at a nice bed and breakfast, if not a hotel. Remember, it's important not just for the guest, but it's important for your future business. If you disappoint your guests, they might end up leaving a bad review on whatever website you use to advertise, and this can cost you quite a bit of income.

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