As a child, you watched your parent putter about the house keeping the dishes washed and the laundry neatly folded. Later, you found yourself marveling at their motivation, and you've even picked up a few tricks from your parent as an adult. Now, you can't help but worry that their can-do attitude might cause more harm than good if they get hurt climbing their ladder to wipe down the ceiling fans. Since you know that your aging loved one just won't rest until they have straightened their nest, use these tips to encourage them to accept help. 

Recruit Backup

Your parent's stubborn nature is part of what makes them so eager to get things done. However, that same personality trait may mean that they balk at the prospect of handing over some of their duties. If necessary, have them speak with their doctor or pharmacist about the dangers of climbing ladders or walking on wet floors when they take medications that cause dizziness. Alternatively, you might need a sibling to also back up your concerns in a later conversation.

Gift Them With a Cleaning Service

Once you have your parent on board with avoiding certain cleaning tasks, it is important to follow up with suggestions on how to keep things clean. After all, you know that they will not let those shelves go un-dusted forever. Consider giving them housekeeping services as a gift for a special occasion. This way, they will at least give it a try, and seeing how nice it is to enjoy a professionally cleaned house will likely encourage them to keep up the service. Talk to businesses like Affordable Maids House Cleaning Services and get an estimate.

Help Them Find Safe Housekeeping Tasks

It is important for your loved one to feel useful, and watching as the housekeeper service does their work will likely leave your parent antsy to get started helping. Fortunately, there are many safe tasks that your parent can do themselves such as cleaning out old medicine from their cabinet or shredding documents to go out in the trash. Help them create a to-do list of the safe tasks that they can finally get to now that they don't have to do so much cleaning.

Eventually, everyone needs a little help around the house, and accepting assistance with cleaning is a great way to avoid accidents that could interfere with your parent's independence. While it may take a little encouragement, you can pay your parent back for all those years of service by helping them see the beauty of seeking help for their cleaning needs.