If you are a business owner, you know that keeping clients happy is one important key to success. But did you know that something as simple as your landscaping can help you attract new clients and keep current customers feeling great about your business? Use these five tips in your commercial landscaping and watch your clients become more satisfied with your services.

Display Your Brand

You know that your brand is what sets you apart from other companies and offers something special to your clients. You can use your landscaping to put the spotlight on your brand. 

Many business identify themselves by using specific colors. Which colors do you use on your business logo and advertising? Solidify your brand in your clients' minds by using those colors in your landscaping. Plant flowers that bloom the same shade or create seating areas with backgrounds of that specific color scheme. 

If you don't have a signature color, consider adopting one. People like to see something familiar that allows them to see you differently from other businesses. 

Lead them to the Door

One simple way to attract clients to your business is to build a pleasing path directly to your door. Create a charming pattern of stepping stones, or line a walkway with pretty greenery. Offering a beautiful path is like rolling out the red carpet for your clients. 

Invest Behind the Scenes

Much of your landscaping efforts will be in ways your clients don't actually realize are happening. However, they will experience and appreciate the results of that work. Here are some important hidden landscaping work that should always be a priority. 

  • Fertilize all plants, including your grass, at the appropriate time and with the right products
  • Control weeds to keep your plants healthy and to eliminate unsightly growth in sidewalks and paths. 
  • Create a watering schedule or underground irrigation system that gives plants the right amount of moisture. 

Invite them to Linger

Make your customers feel welcome on your property by providing spaces that invites them to sit down and relax. 

If you have a large area to work with, consider a walking path that lets visitors unwind in a natural setting. Build a small footbridge to stroll across, or take advantage of a scenic area with a lookout platform. 

You can also use a large space to encourage fitness. Place some training equipment along your walking path to give visitors a chance to build muscle and stretch their bodies. Your employees will want to take advantage of a perk like this as well. 

Even if your property is small, you can provide a seating area for clients and customers. Build a patio with tile or concrete, and place outdoor seating and a small table on it. Use a few live plants for accents. You can also build a canopy or a gazebo. 

Leave them Happy

Spending time in a natural area provides people with a feeling of comfort and contentment, making the outdoors a great environment to reduce stress and recharge energy levels. Use plants that are specifically meant to attract wildlife and songbirds. Plants bushes and flowers to encourage butterflies and hummingbirds to make a stop on your property. 

A study done at Rutgers University showed that flowers made people instantly happier and provided them with a strong sense of well-being, so make sure you have something blooming on your property all year if possible. During the prime growing season in your area, fill your landscape with as many blooming flowers as possible. 

The way you landscape your business property does make a difference in how clients and potential clients view you and your services. Use these five tips to increase the satisfaction of your clients, creating an atmosphere that makes them want to stay.