If you suffer from nagging cold symptoms that you can't get rid of with medicine or rest, have your carpets professionally steam cleaned for dust mites. Even if your carpets appear clean, they can still harbor pathogens that can cause allergies. Dust mites are invisible to the naked eye and can live deep within the fibers of your carpets. The pests can cause a number of problems that mimic the common cold and other problems. Unless you remove the mites from your carpets and reduce the dust in your home, you'll continue to have symptoms. Here are facts about dust mites, how they cause allergies and how steam carpet cleaning gets rid of them.

How Bad Are Dust Mites?

Dust mites can be scary pests because of how they live and survive in your home. The bugs eat the dead skin cells produced by humans and their pets. Your dead skin can mix with the dust in your home and provide a constant food source for the dust mites in your carpets. In addition, the bugs can thrive in humid conditions and tend to live on surfaces instead of the air. 

Every time you walk on your carpets, make your bed or feather dust your furnishings, you disturb the dust the pests cling to. Dust mites can stay in the air for a few minutes before settling down again. Once the pests land, they defecate or shed their casings, which are the things that cause allergies.

Dust mite feces and casings can trigger a host of symptoms that vary from person to person. For example, you might experience things similar to cold symptoms, such as sneezing, coughing and a runny nose. Someone else in your family may develop nasal congestion and facial pain, while another individual may experience asthma. The symptoms can vary in severity, and some problems may require medications to control.

Having your carpets steam cleaned can help reduce the dust mite population in your home.

How Does the Steam Cleaning Process Work?

Steam carpet cleaning is an advanced technique that relies on hot water and detergents to clean and remove contaminants and dirt from carpets. The water's temperature can reach anywhere from 180 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Contractors generally use minimal amounts of chemical cleansers during the steam cleaning process. This is important if you have concerns about using too many chemicals on your carpets. But it's possible to request the use of natural or green products during the cleaning if you don't like the scent of chemicals. 

Once the contractors complete the cleaning portion of the service, they remove the water with a suction or extracting machine. The machine can be small and portable, or it may be large and connected to a storage truck located outside the home. If you need multiple rooms cleaned, the contractors will most likely use the truck method.

Although the extracting process reduces the drying time for your carpets, it may still take up to six hours before you can walk on them safely, and up to 24 hours before you can move your furnishings back in place. Your contractors will generally explain when you can travel over the carpets before they clean them.

After your carpets are clean, you can take additional steps to secure your home against dust mites. If possible, have someone steam clean your bedding and furnishings to help cut down on the dust mites in your house. Some carpet cleaning contractors will steam clean upholsteries and other fabrics, so be sure to ask your contractors if they do as well.

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