Being a cat owner comes with many benefits, companionship being a huge one. But, some things that you may not particularly enjoy about cats include having to clean the litter box and deal with shedding. It is normal for them to shed throughout the year, so you should not expect any downtime. However, you may find this as a problem in a house that is mostly or entirely carpeted. After a deep cleaning, you can follow a few methods to keep cat hair from being the main reason you have to clean the carpet so often.

Use a Deshedding Tool

Some cats are more tolerant to brushing than others. For your sensitive cats, try to use a wide-toothed comb that does not apply as much pressure as combs with a higher density of teeth. It is also helpful to get a bristle brush, which you should be able to use with all of your cats, regardless of their coat type. On the rare occasion, you may need to accept defeat and find other ways to get the hair off of your cats.

Get a Grooming Toy

Whether you are able to brush your cats or not, you should consider a self-grooming toy. These toys have bristles that allow your cats to rub on for scratching and massaging, which will also remove their hair. It is a good idea to put one on every floor of the house to make it easy to access for your cats. Each night, you can collect the hair from the bristles with a smile on your face, knowing it is not in the carpet fibers.

Build a Catio

If you have enough outdoor space and are willing to take on a larger project, you can build a catio. This will reduce the impact that cat hair has on your carpet by making sure it sheds outside, where it is easier to clean. It mainly involves creating a protected outdoor area where your cats can freely spend time.

You can keep the catio on the simple side by just giving them a fenced in area, or you can make it a little more complex and enjoyable for your cats by adding plants and cat furniture. Some easy plants to grow are catnip, oat grass, and even certain flowers including snapdragons and Gerbera daisies. When building cat furniture, you will want to use wood that is resistant to rotting to handle the rain and snow. The more tempting it is for your cats to spend time there, the less they will relax inside and get your carpet dirty.

All of these methods are different enough that you should be able to incorporate all of them into your home and enjoy overall success with keeping your carpet clean between carpet cleaning services, even with your most stubborn cats.