You are quick and efficient at work, so why does it seem like cleaning your house is such a fiasco? If you are like most people, you might find yourself making multiple trips back and forth to your cleaning closet and wasting expensive supplies. However, these two tricks can help you to clean like a pro:

1: Create Grab and Go Buckets

Wouldn't it be nice if you could gather cleaning supplies without rummaging around underneath your kitchen sink? Unless you have loads of extra cabinet space in every room of your house, it might be difficult to keep cleaning products where you need them. However, if you want to make cleaning quick and easy, take the time to make some grab and go buckets. By purchasing a few cheap plastic pails and stocking them with cleaning supplies, you can keep your products organized and accessible. Here are a few tips for creating grab and go cleaning buckets:  

  • Separate Cleaning Supplies By Room: Some rooms of your home require specialized cleaning supplies. For example, you might need glass cleaner and toilet bowl gel for your bathroom, and a dusting wand for your living room entertainment center. Before you stock your cleaning pails, separate your cleaning supplies by room. Think through the entire cleaning routine for the space, and make sure that each pail contains the supplies to tackle each job.    
  • Buy Separate Products For Each Room: To save money, you might be tempted to buy one bottle of furniture polish—even though you have multiple areas that require the cleaner. However, if you want to be efficient, don't worry about buying extra bottles of cleaner. Having separate products for each space will keep you from losing track of supplies, and it will keep you from running out of something you need.

After you have created dedicated cleaning pails for each room, label them with large, easy-to-read labels. Instead of placing a single label on each bucket, put a few labels on each pail that are visible from different vantage points. For example, in addition to the main front label, you might add one around the handle, so that you can determine which bucket is which from above.

2: Control The Flow of Cleaner

Nothing is worse than making a mess when you are in the middle of cleaning. Unfortunately, because every brand of cleaner is a little different, it can be easy to accidentally squeeze, spray, or sprinkle more product than you need. Here are a few great ways you might be able to control the flow of cleaner, so that you don't end up with a bigger job than you bargained for:

  • Spray Bottles: When you need to clean those counters in a hurry, it can be frustrating to deal with a non-functional spray bottle that seems to be filled with air. Unfortunately, if you are running low on cleaner, the spray bottle intake line can develop an air seal that makes it hard to distribute cleaning solution. However, you can solve this flow dilemma by replacing the hard suction tube in your spray bottle with flex tubing and adding a few weights. Flex tubing moves with the cleaner, so that half-empty bottles don't become useless whenever you need to tilt the spray. To keep that tubing immersed in cleaner, slide a few stainless steel nuts over the end of the tube.  
  • Powder Cans: To gain more control of that powdered cleaner, use a piece of masking tape to cover up a few of the can holes. In addition to helping you to avoid wasting materials, that simple piece of tape might also keep your cleaning buckets tidy during transit.   

By cleaning smarter instead of harder, you can make short work of your chores—without impacting your monthly budget. If you find that you don't have time to clean your home, even with these tips, check out cleaning service providers.